Nov. 13th, 2010

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[So, things have gotten even weirder, with the witch and... everything. Plus, with North Dakota gone, Cody hasn't been feeling too great, not like she was to start off with. Although she knows South better than she knew North, Dakota Territory was Dakota Territory, and she was just as much a part of it once as she ever would be. It's been bothering her since the murders, and the image of the four bodies positioned like grotesque dolls can't seem to be shaken off. Quite plainly, it just sucks.

But, even so, she wanted to help solve what happened as though it could somehow stop anything from happening to anyone else. Though, walking aimlessly through hallways doesn't seem to be the way to do it, she does it anyway. Sure, when she was growing up, she saw more death than she would care to admit, but this seems different.

Talking to her might jolt her back into more of a 'we can do it!' mode, but for now, she's just bummed out, and it's not hard to tell.]


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Cody Oakley

November 2010

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