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[It started with one of those little beasts, which was enough to convince Cody that it was some sort of random hallucination. There was some fur (brown and white to be exact), rabbit ears, and...antlers. Yes, antlers. If she needed to clear herself up any bit more, antlers are what you see on male deer. So obviously that was just something she thought up with a wild imagination.

Until she saw two.

Then three.

Then four. And usually, by the time you see something four times in a row, it's real. It's been real enough for her to get her rifle and a net and start stalking through some of the halls of HQ, bent on finally getting a goddamn jackalope. After all, if she managed to get an actual one, that's a like a huge score for the home team. She's already been laughed at for "inventing" them, then laughed at harder for making a huge deal out of them (Jackalope Day, hunting licenses, claiming to make jackalope jerky, having a gigantic taxidermist jackalope in a few gas stations), and now she has a chance to prove it.

Otherwise, there's just some crazy girl running through the halls with a gun and a net, looking for rabbits with antlers. Serious business, yep.
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