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Name: Cody Lynn Oakley
Birthdate: July 10
Age (in appearance): 21
Height: 5'2" (157 cm)
Weight: 128 lbs. (58 kg)
Hair: Orangish-red
Eyes: Blue
Heritage: Irish, German, French, Swiss, Norwegian, Dutch, Native American


♠  - Cody is initially a bit hard to get along with. She does take first impressions seriously and once she gets an initial idea of who you are, it's difficult to change what she thinks. In this way, she is highly opinionated and, not being told any different for a good portion of her life, thinks she's right just about all the time. She's slow to change her mind or her ways, which can be both good or bad for her, depending on what is to be changed.

♣ - She's feisty, but not for the sake of being so. She's had to fight for a lot to get where she is today, so she's accustomed to having to argue to get her way. It's not something to take personally (and if it is, it'll take quite a bit of time to get it out of her as to why), it just requires a few get-to-know-you conversations to make her put her guard down. However, if you leave her alone, she'll shy away from you almost instantly. This is also not something to take personally; she's just edgy around strangers.

♥ - She loves her land and her people very much. From the flat land out east to her mountains in the west, she loves all of it. She's particularly proud of having most of Yellowstone and all of Grand Teton National Park. For this very reason, she's very athletic, due to hiking, running, fishing, whitewater rafting, mountain climbing, and the whole lot. And yes, her people are something she adores. Despite having the smallest population in the U.S., they're all pretty chatty. It's said that at her place, even if you call the wrong number, you're probably still calling someone you know.

♦ - She's confused. While being highly feminist (Wyoming was the first territory and state to allow women's voting and had the first female governor, judge, and jury), she's got her gender roles a bit mixed up. She can have her lady-like moments (crossing her legs when sitting down, eating with utensils, not hands, etc.), but she also has masculine tendencies. She drinks, shoots, does mining, and has this idea that she can do anything she damn well pleases. It throws her off to think that girls don't usually do much mining or most of what guys do. Also, it's believed she probably swings both ways as far as orientation, but she's kept in fear due to things like the murder of Matthew Shepard. Though recently, she's getting some of her bravery back in that department.


Cody usually dresses in the most comfortable and warm clothing she has, three seasons out of the year. Her usual attire is a t-shirt with a hoodie, jeans, and work boots. In the summer, she'll ditch the hoodie in favor of short sleeved flannel or just the t-shirt, or will wear a tank top. When she isn't doing anything important, she'll wear skirts. For the most part, she's hardly ever seen without boots and her cowboy hat.

She has a scar on the back of her right shoulder that goes slightly onto her neck from the Yellowstone fires of 1988, which burned almost 800,000 acres of the park. Below her hairline is a short, pale scar from the Black Hills War. On her right hip is a dark but short scar from the Rock Springs Massacre (one of the worst race riots in history). She has numerous smaller scars on her body, all from smaller battles during the emigration years, but none terribly serious. On the back of her left shoulder is a small tattoo of a cowboy riding a bronco, which is Wyoming's state symbol and appears on just about everything, including license plates and store signs.

Quirks, Traits, Misc.

♫ - Her ahoge represents Devil's Tower, the first national landmark in the U.S.

♫ - Rodeos and cowboys are still alive and well at her place, and is part of most of her income. She prides herself on riding in rodeos every year, but refuses to say how many times she's fallen off (or gotten kicked by a horse).

♫ - She has two horses (Casper and Laramie), three dogs (Aspen, Parker, and Conrad), a rabbit, and a goldfish.

♫ - One of her most used phrases is 'sunuvabitch' which is actually a very endearing phrase where she's from. There's a good portion of people who greet each other that way ("How're ya doing, ya old sunuvabitch?") or talk about each other ("He's a great sunuvabitch, isn't he?"). It can also be used demeaningly, but there are worse words she could use.

♫ - Her name used to be Linette when she lived with Francis. When Alfred adopted her, he changed her name to Cody because she certainly didn't act like a Linette. Keeping with her feminism, she used her old name and turned it into 'Lynn', which is now her middle name.

♫ - She's been prone to having dizzy spells every now and again from radon emissions. Her place is the top producer of uranium in the country, and radon is the colorless, odorless, and tasteless gas that is emitted from it. There have been numerous cases of radon-poisioning (which sometimes causes lung cancer if left untreated) in her state, though due to radon-testing equipment, she's been getting better.

State Info

State of Wyoming
Nicknames: The Equality State, The Cowboy State
Motto: "Equal rights."
Admission: July 10, 1890 (44th State)
Capital: Cheyenne
Bird: Western Meadowlark
Flower: Indian Paintbrush
Stone: Nephrite
Tree: Plains Cottonwood
Highest Point: Gannett Peak (13,804 ft)
Lowest Point: Belle Fourche River (3,099 ft)

Wyoming History Timeline

1743 - The Verendryes and companions are the first European (French) group to reach Wyoming.

1803 - The Louisiana Purchase is made, which includes Wyoming, although those who included the area had no idea what it looked like.

1806 - John Colter goes through Wyoming, being the first "native-born American" to do so. He goes through a geyser basin, describing the land as being "possessed by evil spirits". This land is called 'Colter's Hell' for a long period of time.

- Edward Rose becomes the first American to settle in Wyoming, taking up residence in the Big Horn Basin.

1809 - News spreads of ideal trapping in Eastern Wyoming. Actual settlements begin to form.

1822 - General William Ashley establishes a trading post in what is to become Yellowstone.

- Beginning of a steady flux of incoming settlers into Wyoming that will last for several decades (this includes Kit Carson, Smith, Jackson, Sublette, Bonneville, DeSmet, and others).

1836 - Eliza Spaulding and Narcissa Whitman are the first two women recorded to have traveled across Wyoming, following after their missionary husbands.

1840 - Father P.J. DeSmet holds the first Mass in Wyoming.

1847 - Brigham Young's Mormon group crosses Wyoming. This is the first group of many to come.

1849 - Fort Laramie is purchased by the United States for $4,000.

1854 - Grattan Massacre occurs near Fort Laramie.

1857 - Military groups begin to march against the Mormons. The Mormons in retaliation burn buildings of Fort Bridger and Fort Supply. Elsewhere, military action begins to be taken against the Cheyenne tribe.

1860 - Pony Express established with many runs going over Wyoming.

1861 - Becomes a part of both Nebraska Territory and Dakota Territory.

1865 - The "Bloody Year on the Plains", mostly named for the Battle of Platte Bridge, but also numerous battles and fights that occur across the area.

1867 - Union Pacific is built into Wyoming. Also, the Town of Cheyenne is established.

1868 - The Territory of Wyoming is officialy created by Congress.

1869 - Women are granted the right to vote in the Territory. This is the first occurence of women's suffrage in United States history.

- Yellowstone becomes the first National Park in the U.S.

- General George A. Custer leads an expedition through northern Wyoming, inevitably leading the the future massacre in Montana.

- Rock Creek Massacre

1886 - An extremely severe winter kills thousands of cattle, as well as dozens of people.

1890 - Wyoming is admitted as the 44th state.

1896 - The Town of Cody is established by William "Buffalo Bill" Cody.

1917 - "Buffalo Bill" dies in Denver, Colorado, after numerous contributions to the culture and general being of the State of Wyoming.

1925 - Nellie Tayloe Ross is elected as governor of the State, the first female governor in U.S. history.

1929 - Grand Teton National Park is established.
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