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[Cody isn't feeling her best today, or hasn't felt so in almost a full week. There's any number of factors in why she's in the state she's in, being the crap-tastic weather back home, or that she's quite plainly homesick. After all, she's been stuck in HQ for a year now. Going outside and attempting to take a decent hike hasn't helped, so she's done the next (in her opinion) best thing; resigning herself to watching zombie movies while cradling a box of tissues and a bowl of just pure chicken broth.

It's a pretty pathetic sight, with Evil Dead on the screen and a pile of used tissues forming on her coffee table. However, she did have a good moment of insight enough to open one window and her door to at least attempt to circulate the air, though it's done very little to help.
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There has to be something more productive than this. )

[ooc: Wyo-mun came out of hiding because the computer finally works and I had to take advantage of it. My hiatus might be cut short due to a few complications but oh well. :3 And I'll definitely be here for Cody's birthday. Yay!


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