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[So, things have gotten even weirder, with the witch and... everything. Plus, with North Dakota gone, Cody hasn't been feeling too great, not like she was to start off with. Although she knows South better than she knew North, Dakota Territory was Dakota Territory, and she was just as much a part of it once as she ever would be. It's been bothering her since the murders, and the image of the four bodies positioned like grotesque dolls can't seem to be shaken off. Quite plainly, it just sucks.

But, even so, she wanted to help solve what happened as though it could somehow stop anything from happening to anyone else. Though, walking aimlessly through hallways doesn't seem to be the way to do it, she does it anyway. Sure, when she was growing up, she saw more death than she would care to admit, but this seems different.

Talking to her might jolt her back into more of a 'we can do it!' mode, but for now, she's just bummed out, and it's not hard to tell.]
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[Cody isn't feeling her best today, or hasn't felt so in almost a full week. There's any number of factors in why she's in the state she's in, being the crap-tastic weather back home, or that she's quite plainly homesick. After all, she's been stuck in HQ for a year now. Going outside and attempting to take a decent hike hasn't helped, so she's done the next (in her opinion) best thing; resigning herself to watching zombie movies while cradling a box of tissues and a bowl of just pure chicken broth.

It's a pretty pathetic sight, with Evil Dead on the screen and a pile of used tissues forming on her coffee table. However, she did have a good moment of insight enough to open one window and her door to at least attempt to circulate the air, though it's done very little to help.
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[It started with one of those little beasts, which was enough to convince Cody that it was some sort of random hallucination. There was some fur (brown and white to be exact), rabbit ears, and...antlers. Yes, antlers. If she needed to clear herself up any bit more, antlers are what you see on male deer. So obviously that was just something she thought up with a wild imagination.

Until she saw two.

Then three.

Then four. And usually, by the time you see something four times in a row, it's real. It's been real enough for her to get her rifle and a net and start stalking through some of the halls of HQ, bent on finally getting a goddamn jackalope. After all, if she managed to get an actual one, that's a like a huge score for the home team. She's already been laughed at for "inventing" them, then laughed at harder for making a huge deal out of them (Jackalope Day, hunting licenses, claiming to make jackalope jerky, having a gigantic taxidermist jackalope in a few gas stations), and now she has a chance to prove it.

Otherwise, there's just some crazy girl running through the halls with a gun and a net, looking for rabbits with antlers. Serious business, yep.
[For the past few weeks, consumed by football season, political nastiness, and the oncoming threat of winter, Cody has been burrowed in her room for lack of a better idea. Just in the past few days alone, it's been a mercurial maelstrom in the area of Cowboys football, a policeman was just sentenced to 15 years in prison for the attempt of murder on a truck driver, and people are back at it about snowmobiling regulations in Yellowstone. All of this may just seem like a walk in the park to anyone else, but to Wyoming, they're all very big deals.

However, the room has just been too damned closed-up for her liking and some degree of claustrophobia has been setting in. Of course, she's just as homesick as ever, and knowing that there's snow falling back home (and with that, ski jumps are already opening) is depressing her. Yet there's no use sitting around any longer. How ever long it's been since she was last out and about has been too long.

Cody certainly won't be doing cartwheels up and down the halls or anything. On the contrary, as she'll more than likely be seen skulking around the kitchen or any number of lounges and hallways. Feel free to bother her at will.

[ooc: Just showing Cody is alive and kicking. :) I'm going to try to get all of my characters active in the next two weeks. Yay for the holidays! And in the mean time, I'm going to work on some of her icons. x.x]
[So here would be one easily amused very happy little Western state, having a miniature celebration in her room about this little nugget of joy.]

Ahahaaa! And they said the Cowboys wouldn't win. They said changing the coach wouldn't help! HAH!

[Yes, egotistical rambling and all. Wyoming scrounges the news to find reasons to celebrate and this is definitely one of them. Go bother her. It's bound to be entertaining.]

[ooc: Yep, my Wyo-muse is back after seven weeks. :| Have fun with her.]
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[Cody isn't entirely immune to bandwagon-jumping, or the natural urges of curiosity. Besides, it's a bunch of colored squares! What's that supposed to tell you about your personality?]


Can you paint with all the colors of the wind? )


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There has to be something more productive than this. )

[ooc: Wyo-mun came out of hiding because the computer finally works and I had to take advantage of it. My hiatus might be cut short due to a few complications but oh well. :3 And I'll definitely be here for Cody's birthday. Yay!
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[Cody sits down at her computer, cracking her knuckles and attempting to fill this in. She'd like to tell herself that she doesn't follow anyone elses' example, but then she would be lying to herself. So to "mentally" prepare, she takes a long sip of her Dogfish Head Indian Brown Ale and begins typing away.]

These aren't the cuts you're looking for. Move along. )


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